ValidCheck gives you the online convenience you want, the immediate funds your customers desire, and the security we all need.


eCheck Frequently Asked Questions

A: ValidCheck eChecks are simply regular checks that you can send and receive in just seconds using just a recipient name (including businesses) and email address. Anyone with an email address can receive an eCheck and print the check on a normal computer printer.

A: Yes, they’re exactly like traditional paper checks that you can deposit at your bank, at an ATM or using a mobile banking app but with the ease of printing with your computer printer. Each ValidCheck eCheck contains the same components as a traditional check including routing number, account number, signature line, amount paid, payee and check number.

A: 1.) Select the quantity of eChecks you’d like to purchase.
2.) Start writing and sending checks at the speed of email (all you need is the recipient’s email address).

A: Setting up an account only takes a couple of minutes.  

A: You will pay for eChecks with a credit card.

A: No. ValidCheck eChecks are a product that you purchase, not a service. Pay for the quantity that best meets your needs and that’s it.  No subscriptions, contracts, monthly fees or hidden costs.

A: Purchases and reorders of ValidCheck eChecks are made from our secure online website and are immediately available in your account. That means no more unexpectedly running out of checks!

A: Depends on how fast you can hit ‘send.’ Because ValidCheck eChecks are sent at the speed of email. No more waiting for snail mail!

A: Send as many eChecks as you want instantly, securely and affordably.

A: Yes. You can send eChecks to anyone with a valid email address and they can be retrieved, printed and deposited in any country that accepts U.S. checks. Because of the unique banking regulations in other countries, however, we can’t guarantee that every bank in every country will accept an eCheck for deposit. We recommend sending a test eCheck for a small amount before creating a regular payment flow.

A: Not to worry!  If you accidentally send an eCheck to the wrong address, you can void it before it has been retrieved and the recipient will no longer have access to it. If the check has been retrieved by the time you notice the error, it will still be made out to the original payee. Should the email address you use be invalid, you’ll receive a bounced email notification and you can void, then reissue the eCheck to the correct address.

A: Yes, just like a regular check, you can also put a stop payment on an eCheck. Simply contact your bank for the details.


When you’re notified by email that you’ve received a check, simply retrieve it from our secure online system by clicking the “View Check” button. Then, simply print it out on any printer and cash or deposit it just like a paper check. It’s free and no registration is required.

Note: We ask that you add us to your trusted list of senders, contacts or address book. All also known as “Whitelisting.”

Try it! Call us at 888.888.ECHECK (3243) and we’ll send you a $1 ValidCheck eCheck so you can see how easy it is.

A: Yes. ValidCheck eChecks are exactly like any other check accepted by your bank. If your bank does have questions, they can simply follow the directions on the check to verify its authenticity.

ValidCheck is newer technology and some banks still use MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) to read the ink on checks through their reader/sorter.  If checks are printed with regular (non-MICR) ink or toner, the reader/sorter will reject the check, creating manual processes for the bank to process the check.  All banks can manually input the check information, allowing you to deposit the check.

A: Yes. Just like you can print airline and concert tickets from your own printer, now you can print your checks as well. Every ValidCheck eCheck contains a digital fingerprint that cannot be forged and allows for easy verification.

A: Yes. Simply endorse the back of the check and you’re ready. Using your phone, mobile device or other optical reader, ValidCheck eChecks can be easily processed.


Yes!  ValidCheck can be integrated with Positive Pay, the highly effective fraud prevention service that banks use to stop fraud.  This partnership ensures that all submitted ValidCheck eChecks are authentic and unaltered by posting the check details directly to your bank immediately.


The ValidCheck software doesn’t require bank information to ever be transmitted between the issuer and issuee.  


ValidCheck eChecks only have two points of contact, the sender and receiver, eliminating 6 additional touch points that paper checks typically go through.

ValidCheck eChecks are never sent as an email attachment or download.  Instead, the notification email includes a link to a secure system where the recipient can safely access the check.

A: Like traditional paper checks, an eCheck is a numbered transaction, each with a unique number to identify it. Depositing the same check repeatedly doesn’t work because your bank won’t release funds for the same check number more than once.

A: See for yourself:

Try it! Call us at 888.888.ECHECK (3243) and we’ll send you a $1 ValidCheck eCheck so you can see how easy it is.

A: Yes. You can use ValidCheck eChecks with QuickBooks just like you always have with regular checks. The difference is, your payments will be delivered automatically via email saving you both time and money. In fact, the more emailable checks you send, the more you’ll save.

A: Once you’ve established both a QuickBooks® Online and ValidCheck eChecks account, link your QBO bank accounts to your eChecks checking accounts quickly and easily. Then, simply add email addresses to any vendors you want to pay with eChecks. Once set-up is complete, all QuickBooks Online users with access to your company accounts can create/send eChecks as well as printed checks.

A: Once you’ve established a ValidCheck eChecks account, simply prepare your payments like you always have using QuickBooks.

A: Currently, with QuickBooks Online.

A: The process is simple and only takes a few minutes.

NOTE: the person using the app to connect QBO and eChecks accounts needs proper permission levels. They must be both an Administrator on the QBO company file(s) and the Owner of the eChecks checking account(s) being linked.

Add email addresses to your vendor records.

When adding a check for Bill Payment, use a QBO bank account linked with eChecks.

No printing, signing or mailing. Your eCheck payments are processed and delivered in minutes.

A: Once the set-up is complete (meaning the accounts have been linked), any users permitted to access your QuickBooks Online company accounts to write checks will be able to send eChecks as well as paper checks.

A: If there is no email address in the email field of the QBO vendor record at the time of check creation, it will prevent the issuance of an eCheck. In this case, an email notification will be sent notifying the QBO Company Administrator that the transaction could not be processed and requesting that they add an email for this vendor.

A: If there was an error with the creation or delivery of the eCheck, the check creator will receive an email notification with a specific error message.

A: eChecks cannot be pre-dated, but they can be post-dated. If you change a check to a future date, QuickBooks online will hold that check until midnight of the selected date.

NOTE: The time of the eCheck reflects is the check issuer’s time zone. All eChecks sent via QBO have the same eCheck user as the check issuer. This user was designated during the set up process when the QBO and eChecks accounts were linked.

A: The date and time of the eCheck reflects the check issuer’s time zone.

For example, if a check issuer in New York (EST) schedules a check to be sent to a recipient in Minnesota on June 15 at midnight (EST), the recipient would get the check on June 14 at 11:00 p.m. (CST).

NOTE: All eChecks sent via QBO have the same eCheck user as the check issuer. This user was designated during the set up process when the QBO and eChecks accounts were linked.

A: The number of available eChecks is determined by the ‘eChecks Remaining’ count associated with the Checking Account you’ve linked to your QuickBooks Online accounts. To view this information, an Administrative user needs to log in to the eChecks account and view the balance on the eChecks Checking Account.

When you are running low on eChecks, we’ll send an email notification to all users with Administrative rights on the eChecks checking account prompting a reorder.

A: Once the initial set-up process linking accounts is complete, all check writing activities are done solely within QuickBooks Online. However, there are some functions – performed by Administrative users – that will occasionally need to be performed within the eChecks account. Examples of these transactions are: re-ordering eChecks, voiding eCheck payments, etc

A: Vendor credits can be added to QBO payment transactions sent via eChecks by first creating the vendor credit, then applying that credit to the corresponding bill for which a payment is being made. Recipients receiving eChecks with a vendor credit will see the credit listed as part of the remittance fields that appear on the second page of the check PDF file.

A: There are no subscription or recurring fees associated with ValidCheck eChecks so you’re free to cancel any time. We’re so certain that you’ll enjoy the cost, control and convenience of eChecks that we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee as well as the promise to refund the unused portion of your eChecks order if returned within 60 days of opening your account.