How Do I Make Payments Using ValidCheck eChecks?

ValidCheck gives you the online convenience you want, the immediate funds your customers desire, and the security we all need.

It only depends on how fast you can hit ‘Send.’ ValidCheck eChecks are sent at the speed of email, so there’s no waiting for snail mail or courier services.

Yes. You can send eChecks to anyone with a valid email address and they can be retrieved, printed and deposited in any country that accepts U.S. checks. 

Please note: Due to the unique banking regulations in other countries, we can’t guarantee that every bank in every country will accept an eCheck for deposit. We recommend sending a test eCheck for a small amount before creating a regular payment flow.

Not to worry. If you accidentally send an eCheck to the wrong address, you can void it before it has been retrieved, and the recipient will no longer have access to it.

If the check has been retrieved by the time you notice the error, it will still be made out to the original payee. 


Should the email address you use be invalid, you’ll receive a bounced email notification and you can void, then reissue, the eCheck to the correct address.

Yes. Just like with a regular check, you can also put a stop payment on an electronic check. Contact your bank for the details.

A: You will pay for eChecks with a credit card.

A: No. ValidCheck eChecks are a product that you purchase, not a service. Pay for the quantity that best meets your needs and that’s it.  No subscriptions, contracts, monthly fees or hidden costs.

A: Purchases and reorders of ValidCheck eChecks are made from our secure online website and are immediately available in your account. That means no more unexpectedly running out of checks!