How to Integrate ValidCheck eChecks with QuickBooks Software

ValidCheck gives you the online convenience you want, the immediate funds your customers desire, and the security we all need.

Yes. You can use ValidCheck eChecks with QuickBooks Online just like you always have with regular checks. The difference is, your payments will be delivered automatically via email, saving you both time and money. 

In fact, the more emailable checks you send, the more you’ll save.

Once you’ve established both a QuickBooks Online and ValidCheck eChecks account, link your QBO bank accounts to your eChecks checking accounts quickly and easily.

Then, simply add email addresses to any vendors you want to pay with eChecks. 

Once the set-up is complete (meaning the accounts have been linked), any users permitted to access your QuickBooks Online company accounts to write checks will be able to send eChecks as well as paper checks.

No printing, signing or mailing. Your eCheck payments are processed and delivered in minutes.

Please note: The person using the app to connect QBO and eChecks accounts needs proper permission levels. They must be both an administrator on the QBO company file(s) and the owner of the eChecks checking account(s) being linked.

The video below provides a detailed walkthrough on the steps to integrate ValidChecks into QBO.

Once you’ve established a ValidCheck eChecks account, simply prepare your payments like you always have using QuickBooks.

Only with QuickBooks Online at this time.

If there is no email address in the email field of the QBO vendor record at the time of check creation, it will prevent the issuance of an eCheck.

In this case, an email notification will be sent notifying the QBO Company Administrator that the transaction could not be processed and requesting that they add an email for this vendor.

If there was an error with the creation or delivery of the eCheck, the creator will receive an email notification with a specific error message.

eChecks cannot be pre-dated, but they can be post-dated.

If you change a check to a future date, QuickBooks online will hold that check until midnight of the selected date.

Please note: The time the eCheck reflects is the check issuer’s time zone. For example, if a check issuer in New York (EST) schedules a check to be sent to a recipient in Minnesota on June 15 at midnight (EST), the recipient would get the check on June 14 at 11:00 p.m. (CST).

All eChecks sent via QBO have the same eCheck user as the check issuer. This user was designated during the set up process when the QBO and eChecks accounts were linked.