Secure and convenient payment

The ease of sending an email and the effectiveness of a
check without any risk.

1. Easily Access the Service

The online software allows you to send checks anytime and anywhere. Just access the service at, sign-in and send.

2. Send as Simply as an Email

ValidCheck syncs with QuickBooks so that the recipient’s contact information is easily accessible and matched. From there, fill in the check fields as you would with a paper check and send!

As long as the recipient has an email address, they can receive the eCheck. No sign-up is necessary.

And with the immediacy of online transactions, the eCheck can be sent at the exact time you want it to be received.

3. Eliminate Duplicate Work

When a ValidCheck is sent, the data is automatically posted to both QuickBooks and Positive Pay, eliminating the need for you to duplicate your work and increasing accuracy across all systems.

4. Deposit Conveniently

Once the eCheck is accepted, the receiver simply needs to print for either a bank or online deposit.

5. Funds Available Instantly

Due to the Positive Pay partnership, check details are immediately posted and verified, making funds available for the recipient to deposit instantly.

Send Secure Checks Online