How to Prevent Check Fraud with ValidCheck

ValidCheck gives you the online convenience you want, the immediate funds your customers desire, and the security we all need.

Absolutely. ValidCheck can be integrated with Positive Pay, the highly effective fraud prevention service that banks use to stop fraud. This partnership ensures that all submitted ValidCheck eChecks are authentic and unaltered by posting the check details directly to your bank immediately. 

The ValidCheck software doesn’t require bank information to ever be transmitted between the issuer and issuee.

ValidCheck eChecks only have two points of contact—the sender and the receiver—eliminating around six additional touch points that paper checks typically go through.

Additionally, ValidCheck eChecks are never sent as an unsecure attachment or download in an email. Instead, the notification email includes a link to a secure system where the recipient can safely access the check.

Like traditional paper checks, an eCheck is a numbered transaction each with a unique number to identify it. Depositing the same check repeatedly doesn’t work because your bank won’t release funds for the same check number more than once.

Some of the standout features of ValidCheck eChecks are the steps we take to prevent fraud, our compatibility with QuickBooks Online, and the speed of delivery.