What is an eCheck from ValidCheck?

Today, with modern technology, there are more methods of payment than ever before. With so many transactions taking place online, safe and reliable electronic payment is not a luxury but a necessity. With ValidCheck electronic payment, the only information a payee needs to send funds electronically is a name and email address, making sending an online payment as simple as writing a check and emailing it to the recipient!

What are eChecks?

An eCheck is much like a traditional check — an eCheck is a digital version of the paper check. Like a paper check, an eCheck requires standard information in order to use it for payment. Specifically, an eCheck includes a routing number, bank account number, the name on the bank account, a signature, and an endorsement. Further, eChecks are deposited and settled like paper checks.

The other benefit of ValidCheck is that the funds are immediately available if the check is presented to the issuing financial institution. No holds, no calls to verify the check, no hassles. Your payees get paid immediately, with virtually no chance of fraud or erroneous payments. ValidCheck Fraud Protection

ValidCheck eChecks are not only a convenient service to use for issuing and processing eChecks, but we also take fraud protection a step further. ValidCheck automatically uploads check data directly to your bank’s teller system by partnering with your financial institution and utilizing the Positive Pay service. If the information uploaded does not exactly match the information on the check, the bank will not cash the check — this provides 100% fraud protection as long as you are using ValidCheck with Positive Pay.

ValidCheck and Quickbooks

ValidCheck’s eChecks integrate with Quickbooks to make payment processing and record-keeping easier — no double entry of checks into multiple systems, just safe, secure, and fast delivery of payments. You can choose to enter checks directly into Quickbooks and they will automatically be sent through ValidCheck, or enter checks into ValidCheck and those checks will be synced with your Quickbooks company file. It’s that easy and safe.

Designed with the intention of eliminating check fraud while streamlining online payment systems, ValidCheck was created to revolutionize how consumers and businesses send and receive payments. Contact us to find out how this secure and easy system can assist your business!