A more secure and efficient payment

ValidCheck saves you more time, more money and provides you with more fraud prevention than any other eCheck

The Drawbacks

of other eCheck offerings

The manual entry and third-party verification process of other eChecks duplicates effort, requires more resources and delays funds availability.

Business user enters eCheck data

Manual entry into the bank’s Positive Pay system

Payee receives check and takes to bank

Manual lookup by the bank teller to validate check in a 3rd party system

Funds become available once the check is validated which may take hours or days

The efficiencies

of ValidCheck

ValidCheck eliminates fraud and eliminates steps with our Positive Pay and QuickBooks integration. This single-entry automation saves businesses time, money and resources while preventing fraud.

Business user enters eCheck data to ValidCheck

Integration syncs contacts and check data removing steps and data entry

Payee simultaneously receives eCheck instantly via email

Instant validation of check data, eliminating 3rd party lookup

Funds immediately available to payee at the bank or online

Eliminate Inefficiencies with Electronic Checks