Comparing Features of Online Payments

Unlike any other eCheck or online payment, ValidCheck eliminates fraud and eliminates steps with our PositivePay and QuickBooks integration. These integrations allow for a unique single-entry automation process that saves businesses time, money and resources, prevents fraud, instantly validates the eCheck and makes funds available for the recipient immediately.

See how ValidCheck offers more than any other electronic payment.

Other eChecks
Bank ACH
Online BillPay
Guaranteed check fraud protection via eCheck integration with your banks’ Positive Pay system
Immediate eCheck validation without third party authentication
Funds are available to cash by recipient instantly
Compatible with QuickBooks Online and Quickbooks Desktop coming soon
No additional software or add-ons needed to create or send the payment
Only the sender is required to sign up for an account
Recipient's banking information is not required
Recipient does not need a checking account
Full, free-form remittance data sent to recipient with payment
Multiple payments can be issued at one time (batch run)
Immediate delivery of payment