Why eChecks Are Much More Convenient Than Conventional Checks

When it comes to writing a check, the most convenient and efficient way to do so in
today’s modern world is to use an eCheck. And, while there are many eCheck providers, we
believe that at ValidCheck, we take convenience and security to the next level. eChecks are
convenient for both the business to offer and the customer to use.
For businesses, receiving eChecks is incredibly convenient because they receive
payment right away and avoid credit card transaction fees. For customers, it is a way to make a
payment without incurring debt or risking hefty interest if payments get missed. Additionally,
many businesses may offer a discount for paying with eCheck. For example, some businesses
such as travel agencies or cruise lines offer a 2% discount to customers that pay with eCheck
because they are able to pass on some savings to customers because they save in credit card
processing fees.

ValidCheck eChecks are particularly convenient and secure because we eliminate steps
with our Positive Pay and QuickBooks integration. With single-entry automation, it saves
businesses time, money and resources while preventing fraud. When businesses use
ValidCheck, they enter the eCheck data to ValidCheck, integration syncs contacts and checks
data which removes steps and data entry. The payee simultaneously receives the eCheck
instantly via email. Check data is instantly validated which also eliminates 3rd party lookup.
And, the funds are immediately available to the payee at the bank or online so there is no
waiting to receive payment or for a check to clear – it is immediate.

ValidCheck’s online software is easy to use and allows you too void checks anytime and
anywhere. All a customer needs to do is sign-in and send – it is as simple as an email.
Additionally, ValidCheck syncs with Quickbooks so that the recipient’s contact information is
easily accessible and matched. Then, fill in the check fields as you would with a paper check
and send. One additional layer of convenience is that as long as the recipient has an email
address, they can receive an eCheck without signing up. eCheck is also much more convenient
than conventional checks because you can send the payment at the exact moment you want it
to be received. For businesses, once the eCheck is accepted, the receiver simply needs to
print for their bank or online deposit. For ultimate convenience without sacrificing security,
eChecks are far superior to conventional checks.