ValidCheck Makes Simple and Secure Online Payments Possible During COVID-19 Crisis

eCheck product allows for easy and safe online payments for those under stay-at-home orders.

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – During the COVID-19 pandemic, when Americans are encouraged to stay at home except for essential trips to prevent the spread of coronavirus, ValidCheck is a product proven to assist individuals and businesses with sending secure online payments.

Designed with the intention of eliminating check fraud while streamlining online payment systems, ValidCheck was created to revolutionize how consumers and businesses send and receive payments. ValidCheck’s eChecks are similar to traditional checks, in that they still contain elements found in a typical check such as a routing number and amount paid. They can also be deposited at a bank or via a mobile banking app. However, ValidCheck allows users to send and receive funds instantly via email, saving them both time and hassle.

Unlike other electronic payments, the only information a payee needs to send funds electronically is a name and email address, making sending an online payment as simple as writing a check and emailing it to the recipient. Recipients receive a notification of the payment and simply print the check for deposit at their bank or online. No registration or account setup is needed for the check recipient, making it a simple process.

To provide an extra layer of protection while removing unnecessary steps in the payment process, ValidCheck is integrated with both Positive Pay and QuickBooks, providing payees with a single-entry automation system that saves users time and money while preventing fraud.

“Since its inception, the driving force behind ValidCheck has been to provide users with a way to send easy, secure online payments and eliminate their need to use paper checks via a bank,” said Angel Chambers, senior director of business development at ValidCheck. “ValidCheck is the perfect product for a time like this, when unnecessary trips to the bank are being discouraged for our own safety. By using our online payment software, individuals in any industry can be reassured that their payments are being sent securely as they work from home.”

ValidCheck’s eChecks can be purchased online at any given time in quantities ranging from 50 to 1,000, making them ideal for those who need to conduct individual banking and businesses who have to send large amounts of checks on a frequent basis. There are no subscriptions, transaction fees or contracts required to purchase a ValidCheck. For more information on ValidCheck, visit their website at