Key Steps to Streamline Your Business

Whether you’re jump-starting a new business or you’re well-versed in running a company – efficiency is very important. When interacting with consumers, stakeholders and the like – it’s crucial that everything is running smoothly in real-time and behind the scenes. Streamlining your business, especially in regards to payment systems, is a great way to make sure everything is operational and glitch-free. Here are a few tips on how to systematize your e-checking process to make things easier for everyone!

Confirmation is Key

As a business owner, regardless of whether your company is small or large — there is a lot of information coming your way! When a customer submits an e-check, you may not have the time or bandwidth to personally ensure that it’s authentic and accurate. Take the verification process off of your plate and into our court! We pride ourselves on substantiating every check transaction! This way, you free up valuable time for other projects and won’t have to worry about forgeries, falsifications and other illegal activity!

Always Secure 

Even if you have most pieces in place: if transactions aren’t secure – then your business isn’t streamlined! It’s no fault of the consumer to be weary when submitting payments online or doing business digitally. Hackers, phishing and other fraudulent activity are surprisingly common. Digital data breaches can cause tremendous time delays or derail the entire transaction. It’s essential to give them peace of mind that when working with you, all submissions are safe. Consider using ValidCheck to make this a reality. 

All in the Family

We’re sure you have heard the phrase, “too many chefs in the kitchen” — and can fully imagine its implications in the business world. When there are too many parties involved when processing a sale, submitting forms and sending payments – things can get convoluted: fast! When utilizing our proprietary technology, you can rest assured that a 3rd party is never involved. We guarantee that the only people that need to see certain data are involved — which eliminates the risk of mishandling and fraud.

Virtual Reality 

A key part of streamlining your business is to be aware of consumer needs. With the rapid pace of most transactions — it’s safe to say that many people prefer to use online interfaces whenever possible. Almost every business has an online presence, which eliminates hassle in a variety of ways. This is especially true in regards to submitting eChecks payments. At ValidCheck — we specialize in a convenient way to facilitate these types of transfers. Offer customers a simple way to work with you on-the-go, and at the touch of a button!